A popular bakery in South Australia has officially been crowned as having the best sausage roll in Australia beating out over 50 other competitors.

Banana Boogie Bakery in Belair took out the title at the Baking Association of Australia’s South Australian Baking Show this passed weekend.

The owner of the winning bakery Jason Spencer told 7News.com.au that he was very confident about the quality of his sausage rolls going in.

“We just had to have a good day of baking on the day, and we did. Our pastry came out perfect, our meat didn’t shrink at all,” he said.

“Everything just went our way on the day, and it showed when the judges called the results out.”


Spencer elaborated that the Banana Boogie Bakery takes particular care in making their award winning pastries.

“I think a lot of Australian bakers don’t bake things out as well as they could, they’re really white. We like to bake our stuff out, so it’s golden brown and (you get that) flaky pastry all over you when you eat the sausage rolls.”

Their attention to detail doesn’t stop at just sausage rolls, the bakery has taken out five of titles in 2023 including Australia’s best hot cross bun.

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