Subway and Cadbury are really testing the limits when it comes to strange food combos.

Aussie’s who have a deep fear of these two foods coming together in not so holy matrimony, fear not! The 6-inch sandwich is only available in the UK on Good Friday.

It’s made on the Subway’s Italian white bread and has a chocolate creme egg melted in the middle of it.

Only 500 of the special sandwiches will be made, and they will be available — for free, by the way — at just a few select Subway locations in England at Tottenham Court Road, central London and Central Shopping Centre, Liverpool.

“Our Italian White Bread and Cadbury Creme Eggs make the most flavoursome combination, a perfect seasonal treat,” Rusty Warren, Subway’s senior manager of new product development and innovation said.

We not entirely convinced Rusty…

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