Coles and Woolies have removed purchase limits for customers in Brisbane following the lifting of the city’s three-day lockdown.

There were new scenes of panic-buying across the city on Friday as the state government announced that it would be implementing a lockdown 72 hour lockdown in an attempt to curb the spread of a highly-contagious mutant strain of the coronavirus.

Reports of fights and shortages at supermarkets around Brisbane prompted major retailers to implement the product limits formerly seen at the height of the pandemic around the country.

Limits on the purchase of essentials such as milk, flour, eggs and pasta, along with coronavirus staple toilet paper were brought to help curb the panic-buying.

The restrictions remained in place 24 hours after the city’s lockdown ended.

A Woolies spokesperson told the Courier Mail that Brisbane shoppers’ buying habits had returned to normal following the lockdown.


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