Some drinking trends are RIGHT up my alley – Espresso Martini, coffee and alcohol? Sign me up! Some I cannot stand – a shoey? Grow up Steven.

The latest trend in adult beverage consumption has me both confused and intrigued. It’s called Jalapeño Rosé and it’s extremely simple to make. You’re not gonna believe this but it only takes 2 ingredients and, spoiler alert, they’re both in the name.

First popularised on Tiktok by Allyssa In The Kitchen the strange concoction is apparently delicious (and becoming very popluar). Cut up a fresh Jalapeño and add a few slices to your favourite glass of Rosé and voilà you’re done! I’d recommend using ‘Swanning Around Prosecco Rosé‘ as it’s bright and delicate cherry red notes balance the spicy kick out nicely.

What do you think? Will you be giving it a try?

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