Aussie living overseas will no longer have to rely on their family and friends to send them over jars of Vegemite!

The iconic spread has just announced that they will now ship the product outside Australia and New Zealand for the first time.

Bega Cheese, which owns Vegemite, announced that customers in the US, UK and Canada will soon be able to get some shipped straight to their doors due to increased global demand.

“We often hear from our Vege-mates who are looking to source Vegemite products overseas,” said Vegemite Senior Marketing Manager Matt Gray to News Corp.

“We have dialled up our Vegemite ‘Mitey Merchandise’ online store offering to make Vegemite more accessible to our Vege-mates located across the world.”

To make your jar of Vegemite feel even more like home, you’ll also be able to purchase a personalised jar from their website for a limited time only.

“Throughout the year, we’ve received a number of inquiries from Vegemite fans who are looking to purchase personalised jars, which ramps up significantly in the lead up to Christmas,” Mr Gray also said.


That’s one way to make some happy little Vegemites!

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