We can’t think of many greater guilty pleasures than chowing down on a big serve of hot chips in the middle of winter.

And yes, we know that when we’re chomping into those crunchy, golden bites of goodness, we’re not exactly the bastions of good health (that’s why they’re a guilty pleasure), but this news might have us re-thinking our fish & chips order all together.*

A new study has found that frequent consumption of fried foods can have a negative impact on your mental health.

The study, out of China, reports that people who consumed a large amount of fried food, in particular fried potatoes, saw an increased risk of both depression and anxiety.

Pictured: Two pals who have clearly not read the latest research out of China.

Now, nutrition experts are saying that it’s too early to know just how accurate the results of the study are, so maybe we’ll see a completely contradictory set of research come out. Maybe?

But what do you think? Is this news likely to put you off ordering a bucket of chips next time you’re at the footy?


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