If you needed something to put a pep in your step today then I have the most incredible news for you.

NSW, Queensland, Victoria, ACT and South Australia will have the chance to enjoy a Schnitzel festival hosted by The Bavarian, ‘Schnitty Fest.’

We’ll get ten different schnitzels created by Schnitzel Masters of the Haus of Heart Feeds and can someone tell me how I’m supposed to join this haus?… please?

Starting this week, the fest will run for 10 weeks, 10 types of schnitzels, $10 on Wednesday.

All you gotta do is head to your local ‘The Bavarian’, maybe make a booking first so you can guarantee yourself a seat. 

  • Mexican ($26)
    Crumbed chicken breast, corn chips, spicy beef, beans, cheddar, tomato salsa, coriander, & sour cream
  • Hawaiian ($25)
    Crumbed chicken breast, double smoked ham, grilled pineapple, napolitana sauce, & fries
  • Nashville ($26)
    Southern fried chicken breast, Nashville rub, cabbage slaw, dill cucumber, potato gems, & chipotle aioli
  • Oktoberfest ($26)
    Crumbed chicken breast, sautéed potatoes, wurstsalat, pickled cucumber, & mustard
  • The G&P ($24)
    Crumbed chicken breast, garlic and parmesan rub, rocket & parmesan salad, semi-dried tomato, & fries
  • Jagerschnitzel ($23)
    Crumbed chicken breast, mushroom sauce, & fries
  • Parma ($24)
    Crumbed chicken breast, double smoked ham, mozzarella, Napolitano sauce, & fries
  • Schweineschnitzel ($26)
    Pork schnitzel, cabbage slaw, lemon, & fries
  • Mushroom Parma ($24)
    Crumbed confit mushroom, mozzarella, Napolitano sauce, cabbage slaw, & fries
  • Vegan ($26)
    Potato and mixed veggie schnitzel, green salad, & fries