Apparently we should be forgetting about our iced coffees and cappuccinos!

The latest caffeine trend going around at the moment is something called ‘whipped coffee’ and honestly we don’t know how we feel about it.

Also known as dalgona coffee originating in South Korea, whipped coffee is pretty simple to make. The name comes from the fact that you actually whip together instant coffee, sugar and water and then spoon the fluffy, cloud-like mixture on top of milk.

While it looks kind of cool and insta-worthy, we also can’t help but notice the resemblance to, you know, a baby’s number two… Like it’s a little bit of a turn off!

Like you can’t tell us that this looks good while it’s being spooned onto the milk..?


But apparently despite the look, it tastes really nice and has become an incredibly popular way to have your morning brew.

The whipped coffee trend went viral thanks to a TikTok video that has been viewed over 10 million times now.

Since then, people have been trying it out for themselves and sharing their own creations on social media.


You can serve the whipped coffee over either hot or cold milk depending on what you feel like. And other people have been taking their creations to the next level, using the whipped coffee on various recipes and desserts

Want to try it yourself? Here’s how you make it:

1. Mix two tablespoons of instant coffee and two tablespoons of sugar
2. Add 2 tablespoons of water
3. Mix it all up using an electric mixer or whisk
4. Serve on top of the milk of your choice


Despite or original disgust at the look of the drink, we’ll probably give it a go TBH. Gotta keep ourselves entertained in isolation somehow right?

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