Now, we don’t want to sound boring but when it comes to pizza it’s hard to go past your tried and tested faves.

You know, the Ham & Pineapple, BBQ Chicken, Supreme…even Margherita.

Those reliable, fan favourites that you depend on when you have to buy a bunch of pizzas for people who like to play it safe.

But Domino’s have got us reassessing everything we know about pizza toppings.

First they added the incredibly Aussie Sausage Sizzle Pizza to their secret menu and completely blew our patriotic minds.

Now they’ve gone even Aussie-er and look like they might be bringing us a vegemite pizza.

The official Domino’s first teased that this dream collaboration might be happening a couple of weeks ago in an Instagram post, and people’s mouths were watering all over the comments section.


According to Domino’s the sauce on this experimental (as-yet-not-on-the-menu-pizza) is actually Vegemite, which gives us big Cheesymite Scroll vibes.

We’re not sure about you, but we NEED for Domino’s and Vegemite to make this thing happen.

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