The internet has been a weird and wonderful place but isolation has forced us to get creative in ways we never imagined.

You know how in that movie Limitless, he takes a pill and his brain just OPENS up to all the possibilities?

That’s what’s happening to humankind RIGHT NOW. 

A genius woman has found out that a standard size Mars bar fits perfectly into the Kmart sausage roll maker that went viral over the weekend. 

Kmart Is Now Selling Sausage Roll Makers For $29 & This Is Seriously The Aussie Dream

She re-invented the machine as a chocolate pastry maker and we couldn’t be prouder of our true blue Aussie sister.


You need a standard size chocolate bar, sheets of pastry and some icing sugar for a classy finish.

You put a layer of pastry on the hotplate, nestle in the chocolate bar into the grooves made for filling and then lay another layer of pastry on the top.

What will come out is a golden brick of goodness, just lightly dust with some icing sugar and you’re good to freakin’ go!!

Photo Credit: Facebook/Michelle Sammon

If you’re feeling fancy maybe a splash of butter of egg wash on top before sealing them shut for a CRISPY AF shell. 

Just imagine about how creative you can be with the filling!


What’s your favourite chocolate bar? NOW imagine it melted inside a crispy shell of pastry!

Here's one of our favourite moments from Robin Terry & Kip!