Well our diet is officially on hold after see the latest sweet offering from this online dessert store!

Dessert Boxes, the people who brought us the infamously drool-worthy donut bouquet, have put together something special in celebration of World Nutella Day, which just so happens to be tomorrow FYI (Wednesday 5th February).

It’s called the Nutella Donut Bucket and it’s just like it sounds – A bucket filled to the brim with tons of Nutella and cinnamon donuts.

We’re literally salivating just thinking about it tbh… So just wait until you see the video!

Dessert Boxes posted a video of the Nutella Donut Bucket being constructed to their Instagram account yesterday.


It starts with a thick helping of Nutella, followed by a pile of fresh cinnamon donuts, topped with even more Nutella, covered in crushed Oreos and then a few more donuts are added for good measure.

It may sound like diabetes in a tub but we don’t even care. We NEED this!

You can order yours for World Nutella Day online NOW but be warned, there’s only 30 of them available, so get in quick if you want to try one!

Enjoy your Nutella coma people!

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