Aussie Wine label ‘Tread Lightly’ not only make a delicious drop, they’re also working to save the environment which is great because if the ocean’s rise due to global warming we’re not gonna have a heap of time to sit around and enjoy a wine.

These wine lovin’ legends have just celebrated the planting of their one-millionth tree. THEY’VE PLANTED ONE MILLION TREES! That’s over 600 hectares of forest planted, removing around 50,000 tonnes of carbon from the atmosphere which is the equivalent of removing around 18,000 cars from the road for an entire year. They plant a tree for every six bottles sold, that’s some boss-level stuff.

To celebrate the achievement Tread Lightly have released a limited edition flora and fauna design collection, available now while stocks last from leading liquor retailers and their website.

Get out there, drink a glass, and save the planet!

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