Did you know that you can now get TUBS OF BUBBLE O’BILL from IGA supermarkets and Woolworths across the country?!

You Will Soon Be Able To Buy Bubble O’Bill & Rainbow Paddle Pops in TUBS From IGA!!

But people were a little outraged… what is a Bubble O’Bill without the iconic bubble gum nose?!

Bill’s gumball nose had been swapped out for little candy pieces, which although I’m not mad at, it’s just not true to form!

The people have spoken and Streets have listened.

They’ll be releasing a limited run of Bubble O’Bill’s gumball nose, but you can’t buy these goodies, you have to enter to win.


20 lucky winners will get their sticky little mitts on vintage-style Bubble O’Bill lolly bags filled with Bill’s gumballs!

Streets Brand Manager announced, “The people of Australia have spoken, and we listened. We know Bubble O’Bill’s nose is an iconic part of his identity, which is why we are giving fans the opportunity to win his nose to enjoy with the brand-new tubs!”

Details of how to win will be shared on the Bubble O’Bill Facebook page later today. 

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