I’ve compiled – what are quite literally – THE BEST tutorials on the internet today to help you finally learn to make your bed, fast & easy!

A Perth Mum came out with this tutorial about fitting a bed sheet;

@carolina.mccauley Try this simple hack next time you make your bed.🤯🛌 #bedroomhacks #homehacks #homehackswithcarolina ♬ Cool For The Summer – Bre, a hibryda

Carolina has shared that when it comes to using a fitted sheet it is important to always note that the tag goes inside on the bottom right hand corner.

The mum says this simple bed-making method will ensure that the linen sheet is always fitted correctly and left looking seamless.



Another mum who seeks out home hacks for her huge following has shared the gadget she swears by to make her bed and sheets look neat.

Every heard of the MadeEZ Bed Maker? We’ll you have now, and say I told you about it!

It will hold up the mattress and tuck bed sheets tightly underneath for a seamless look.

The nifty find can also hold the mattress up to 10cm in the air to leave both hands free when making the bed.


Goodness me, I am SO excited to try this when I get home!

Here's one of our favourite moments from Robin & Kip!