Do you ever look at your besties and think, how in the world did we actually become friends?

Sometimes we just need a feel-good story to brighten our day and this, my dears, will give you all the feels.

Peri the Chicken went blind at just 6 months old and it was Taj the Pit Bull who stuck by her side.

“[Taj] was 3 years old and quickly took to helping her find her way,” Christa Hubbard, owner of both animals, shared with The Dodo.

Photo by: The Dodo / Christa Hubbard

“A seeing eye dog for a hen. These two spent the next eight years together. He would guide and protect her. They napped together, sunbathed together.”

In a sad twist, Taj passed away in 2018 after a battle with cancer.  Hubbard said, “Peri was lost without her buddy — she knew he was gone.”


After the unlikely bond formed between Taj & Peri, Christa adopted Gracie, another Pit Bull and you guessed it – another special companionship started.

Gracie actually brings Peri her toys. No joke, Christa shared, “Gracie will bring Peri a toy, place it in front of her and wait. When Peri is out in her yard doing chicken things, Gracie can be found laying outside the fence waiting for her (Peri has a fenced-in area as we have a pool).”

“When Peri is on her ottoman ‘watching’ TV, Gracie brings her a toy. First thing in the morning when we get up, Gracie checks on her sleeping friend.”

I can’t… this is too sweet and exactly what we need in the world right now –  story of unconditional LOVE.

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