As we roll into winter we’ve got to say our uniforms are basically just pyjamas now, especially on those long working-from-home days.

And yes some people might be happy just slipping into some daggy, old trackies or flannel pjs to stay toasty while hanging on the couch.

But we think that just because you’re staying inside, hiding away from all human interaction, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t wear the absolute best.

And by that we mean, pyjamas that celebrate the two greatest TV shows to come out of the ’90s (apart from The Simpsons, of course).

You can now adorn yourself in head-to-toe sitcom thanks to Peter Alexander, with the sleepwear legends now slinging Friends AND Seinfeld pjs.

So you can re-live shrinkage, sing Smelly Cat and spot all the Superman references while dressed in your favourite characters.


So whether you’re waiting around for your table under the name of ‘Cartwright’, celebrating Festivus, or reminding your girlfriend that YOU WERE ON A BREAK! You probably need to treat yourself to a set of these before your next day of binge watching.

Oh…and just in case we didn’t get our requisite number of cliché Friends and Seinfeld references into our article: Could we BE any more excited about this?!? Pivot! NO SOUP FOR YOU!

Here's one of our favourite moments from Robin Terry & Kip!