Actual angel Kaylie Smith had the thought and compassion to start a fundraiser to buy the hardworking doctors and nurses of this country a good old cuppa joe. 

Sometimes it’s the small things that make all the difference and this definitely is one of those things.

Docs and nurses are currently working tirelessly to aid and contain COVID-19. 

The hours must be long, the stress must be incredibly high and they’re fighting on the forefront of the battle, putting their own health at risk. 

The idea of giving them something small to show our gratitude fills my entire heart with joy and I’ll definitely contribute to the cause.

The fundraiser is called BUY THEM A COFFEE and Kaylie set a goal for $5000 which she smashed in 3 days time!

The goal has been reset to $10,000 and it’s already sitting at $7k as I’m writing this. 


You can find the gofundme here, if you’re interested. 

We are trying to help our local HealthCare professionals by buying them a coffee, tea or snack during the COVID-19 crisis – we are starting with serving coffee, tea and snacks every night at Royal North Shore Hospital via Short Black Night Shift.”

Kaylie has stated all the funds are going to ‘Short Black Night Shift’ who she said “who is already visiting Hospitals in Sydney to deliver coffee nightly”. 


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