Finally! After four successful seasons down in Sydney, Mov’in Bed is coming to Victoria Park this March.

Mov’in Bed is so extra – with 150 queen size beds, Ecosa Pillows, bed sides tables, and food delivered to your bed… yes you read that right, FOOD DELIVERED TO YOUR BED – this might just be the ultimate date night!

Commencing on the 27th March & running through 17th May this extreme cinematic experience is complemented by American themed food – is a sneaky burg and some fries not, like, the greatest meal to eat while watching movies?!

You can also treat yourself to a fresh beverage from the impressive list of wine, beer, cider and more.

The movie line-up has been prepared with care by their dedicated team of cinema lovers – from the latest blockbusters like Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey & The Gentlemen, to recent Oscar winners like Joker & Once Upon A Time in Hollywood, there’s a film for everyone!


Check the full list of movies showing now & get your tickets here!