Golfing great Greg Norman has showed off his incredible physique again.

The 64-year-old did a special for Men’s Health magazine which did a deep dive into the Aussie sporting icon.

“I’ve been very open about the fact that I want to be the longest-living Norman,” he told Men’s Health.

He credits his “pain-free” body to cutting down on the amount of golf he plays.

“I’m not interested in slamming balls anymore,” he said.

“I’ve hit more than five million golf balls in my life. Last year I played six times. This year, I think I’ve played maybe eight times. Look, if I do once a month that’s a big year for me.”

He’s not done yet either – saying he wants to live to 110.


“And the Normans have got some really good genes. On my mother’s side, it’s 90s and 100s. My dad (Mervyn) is 93 this year. And I’d like to hit 108, 110.”

From the pictures, it looks like he’s got a great shot at it!

Greg Norman in Men's Health December edition Pic credit: The Riker Brothers for Men’s Health.


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