Going to the supermarket has become the very standard process we’ve all grown accustomed to. At checkout, we take our groceries to get bagged, we walk out and put the bags in our car.

Well, an American shopper has since challenged that and his grocery hack has people totally rethinking the next time they go to the store.

TikTok user 1980sgamer, aka Matt shared what he described as “best grocery shopping hack yet” to his over 336k followers.

In the video, Matt first collects his groceries from the shelves like usual and takes it to the checkout to pay for the items.


This is the best grocery shopping hack yet! It just keeps getting better. #aldishopping #bagless #laundrybasket #plasticbags

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“Now you see all the people wasting their time bagging their groceries? Yeah skip that,” Matt says.


Instead of bagging the groceries, the food goes straight into the trolley again and straight to the car where Matt reveals two laundry baskets in the boot.

Matt fills up the laundry baskets with his groceries using them as an alternative for bags.

“I just saved you a ton of time by skipping the bagging process with this great grocery hack,” Matt says.

Minds have been blown across the world and people have applauded the shopper for saving plastic bags.