Turns out, Siri’s laugh is creepier than a Chucky doll.

Her terrifying giggle is making headlines all over the world this week, after TikTok user @sketchypunx shared the strangely hilarious video below.

In the video, Siri was asked to change the phone user’s nick name to name ‘HAHAHAHAHAHAHA’.

@sketchypunxFun with Siri 😂😂 ##Australia ##siri ##hahhahahahahaha ##fyp

♬ original sound – sketchypunx


When reading out the ‘nick name’, Siri seemed to have nervous breakdown! In just a few days, the clip has gained over 400 thousand views.


Users commented, “This is the kind of polite laugh I pull in meetings,”

While another said, “Siri is failing at breathing while laughing,” .

Good luck sleeping tonight after watching this…