With the beauty industry going absolutely bonkers and products being thrown at us left right and centre, Coles is providing something new at a really affordable price.

Monday Hair Care was started by a New Zealand entrepreneur Jaimee Lupton after she got fed up with the exorbitant prices of some beauty products. 

It boasts that it’s salon quality hair products at supermarket prices which is a big claim BUT it’s getting snapped up immediately at the 810 Coles outlets it’s being sold at and people are freaking out online!




At $10 a pop for 359ml of conditioner or shampoo which comes in 4 different formulas (Repair, Smooth, Sensitive, Volume) to tailor to your hair. 


You can also fork out $20 for a $800ml bottle if you end up loving it!

But get in there fast, they’re selling out on the website already.

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