Laura Byrne of Bachie fame has been seen absolutely glowing while on her baby moon with her now fiancee Matty J over in Fiji, showing off her growing bump in dozens of pics on Instagram.

But today she’s taken to her socials to give us some real talk about pregnancy and the struggles that all women go through with the changes to their bodies – including stretch marks.

If there’s one thing that all mums and future mums want to know it’s how to avoid stretch marks.

Of course, as your body grows and stretches in many different areas for the nine month period of pregnancy, there really isn’t a way to stop stretch marks altogether.

But there certainly are ways to reduce their appearance and help your skin stay nice and smooth during this time in your life!


Speaking candidly in an insta post while showing off her gorgeous belly, Laura admitted that she too, like most mums, struggles with the way pregnancy has affected her body.

“One’s complexion while pregnant can go one of two ways – maybe you’re one of those illusive unicorns bestowed with the gloomiest of glows, or maybe you feel more like a portly pony experiencing stretch marks, melanoma, cellulite and hair growing in places hair just ain’t meant to grow girlfriend,” Laura wrote.

So what is Laura’s secret for avoiding those unwanted lines and marks? Well she went on to preach about the product she swears by when it comes to this stuff!

And before you ask, it’s not some super expensive product that’s out of reach for most of us. It’s actually a mere $15 and can be bought at your local pharmacy!

We’re talking about cult skin-care brand Bio-Oil, which Laura has just signed on as an ambassador for!


“I’ve been using this little wonder oil morning and night since the start of my second trimester to help reduce the appearance of my stretch marks and put some life back into the skin on my stomach (and butt)” she continued in the post.

“SO! I was absolutely tickled pink when @biooilaustralia asked me to be their ambassador – I use it, I love it, and maybe it will work for you if you’re also pregnant, dry and rapidly expanding!”

Of course, Laura isn’t the only celeb using Bio Oil during pregnancy! We hear even the royals onto it with Kate Middleton and now Meghan Markle reportedly giving it a go.

Bio-Oil is designed to improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks and uneven skin tone through regular twice-daily usage.


And like we said before, it gets the job don without breaking the bank!

What more could you want?

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