One thing that we’re all being told to do to help combat the spread of coronavirus is to disinfect our hands with sanitiser whenever possible.

The only problem is thanks to some pesky panic buyers, getting our hands on the sanitiser has proved to be difficult.

But while our stores might be low in stock, one spirits company in Sydney has developed their own hand sanitiser made from their own brand of gin!

Which means you’ll be able to disinfect your hands all while smelling like some delicious gin botanicals!

Manly Spirits Co is known for the gin, vodka whisky and liqueurs that they made, but now they’re adding the disinfecting product to that list.

The distillery was inspired to make their own sanitiser after their own staff had trouble buying it from the supermarket.


And what’s even better is that they’re actually going to give a 50ml bottle of their gin inspired hand sanitiser to customers for free with every Manly Spirits Co bottle purchase. But there is a limit of one free sanitiser per person to avoid a shortage like at the stores.

They will also be providing bigger bottles of their new product to local community groups, charities and organisations.

“From next week, we will be supplying 20 x 5L containers of hand sanitiser to local community groups and organisation,” Manly Spirits Co wrote on Instagram.

“Plus, all of our amazing Manly Spirits customers will receive a FREE 50ml Manly Spirits Hand Sanitiser with Gin Aroma, with every purchase. 1 per customer.”

The gin hand sanitiser is set to become available next week sometime and will be available Australia-wide through their online store.

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