Fever,  a dry cough, headaches and shortness of breath are among a number of symptoms we have been told to look out for when it comes to Coronavirus.

But a Queensland nurse has shocked medics by turning up with abdominal pain and then testing positive.

Deputy Premier and Health Minister for Queensland Steven Miles told journalist this morning that the man ‘had abdominal pain, not normally considered a symptom of COVID-19, but he was incredibly wise and he identified that that was a symptom that could be from COVID-19.’’

“He went and got tested and that test came back positive.”

While Mr Miles went onto say that abdominal pain is not among the symptoms we’ve been warned to look out for as signs of infection, a study in May showed there had been some patients in France who had presented in the hospital with acute abdominal pain and went on to test positive for COVID-19.

In at least one of the patients, however, the pain had been associated with nausea and diarrhoea – both of which are listed by the WHO as virus symptoms, albeit less common ones.

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