Separated from your mates because of that pesky virus going around? Well, you can still have a movie night with everyone while keeping a safe distance.

A Google Chrome extension called Netflix Party lets you simultaneously stream Netflix movies and shows with all of your friends (apart from Matt, but we wouldn’t have invited him, anyway, he’s just constantly on his phone during movies).

The Chrome extension allows you and your mates to stream together, playing and pausing at the exact same time as everyone else.

You also have a chat window, so that everyone can complain about the shoddy dialogue in The Stranger  at the EXACT SAME TIME.

As more and more Australians begin working from home and self-isolating as much as possible, we think any opportunity to remain social from a distance is a great idea.


Just don’t be that guy who keeps pausing the video to get up and go to the toilet. We hate that guy.

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