The Queen has wished Australians well in dealing with coronavirus, bushfires and drought and is pleased to hear horse races are still going on in the country.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison says the monarch called on Tuesday night to check on Australians amid the coronavirus pandemic and lockdowns.

He says the 94-year-old also wanted to hear about the bushfire recovery and the ongoing drought.

“Was very kind to receive Her Majesty’s call this evening to check in and see how we’re all getting on in Australia,” Mr Morrison wrote on Instagram on Tuesday night.

“The Queen was very interested to hear about our progress in combating COVID-19 and was so pleased we have managed to prevent the terrible impacts.

“Our recovery from the bushfires was also a key area of interest for her as well as the ongoing drought.

“Her Majesty was also pleased to hear our horse races were still running in Australia and sent her very best wishes to all Australians.”


There have been 97 coronavirus deaths in Australia, while more than 5800 people have recovered from the disease.

The Queen called New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern last week to hear about her country’s coronavirus efforts.

In the UK more than 32,000 have died – the highest official death toll from the new coronavirus in Europe.