If you’re keen to get fit and healthy but not so keen on the whole gym thing then Sonia Kruger has the perfect solution for you.

Sonia has launched her new fitness program called ‘Strictly You’ that’s designed to help you lose weight while having fun!

What makes it stand out from the rest of fitness programs out there is that Sonia’s workouts consist of dance-based workouts as well as a revolutionary meal plan. And by the sounds of it, it actually works!

Sonia joined Kyle and Jackie O in the studio on Thursday to talk about ‘Strictly You’.

“It’s a dance based fitness program because for me, whenever I was dancing I didn’t feel like I was actually exercising,” Sonia told us. “You’ll learn a new dance every week.”


“There’s actually a meal plan that goes along with it too that a nutritionist has put together,” she added.

Each workout has been put together by personal trainers and includes dance routines, upper and lower body workouts and only go for about 25 minutes each.

Sticking to the food program is made super simple too because it will give you a specific shopping list for the meals that will best suit you and for the amount of people that you need to cook for.

It’s also very convenient because Sonia says you can do it anywhere!

“Do it at home! You can do it anywhere. You can do it on your phone, you can do it here. You can do it off your television, off your laptop or your iPad.”


Sonia also revealed that she’s received really positive feedback from the people who have tried it, explaining that two people have actually managed to lose 3kg in just a week with her program!

“I’ve had two people contact me today to say that they’ve lost 3kg in a week!” Sonia revealed.

“You put in your weight and your age and what your goal weight, what you want to be, and it will calculate your calories and then it will give you the meals to match those calories exactly.”

“If you combine it with the meal plan, like I said, I’ve had people contacting me saying they’ve dropped 3kgs in a week. I think that’s extraordinary… People have been really super positive about it.”

3kgs in one week? Where do we sign up!


If you want to get amongst the dancing action you can check out Sonia’s program Strictly You here!

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