The Coronavirus pandemic has meant that many weddings have had to be cancelled or had to have significant changes made to them.

But one couple from the US has really annoyed their guests by asking them to bring their own beer… and sign a COVID-19 ‘waiver’

A family member took the Facebook page called That’s It, I’m Wedding Shaming to share the invite they had received, expressing their annoyance at the handling of the wedding.

“If you have to make your guests sign a waiver, just elope,” the woman said in her post.

“Also, invitations were sent out two days ago for a wedding in three weeks.”

Facebook was stunned by the demand that they bring their own alcohol, with one user saying Bring your own beer AND you might die? Best wedding ever!” .


Another sad “If you’re asking me to die at least pay for the alcohol you cheap hillbilly.’’

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