OK, so mango isn’t the easiest thing to cut up but a new TikTok has pretty much proven the opposite.

Forget the traditional ‘cut the cheeks off and nibble/suck all the flesh off the seed’ like a normal person, this trick uses a completely different method.

“Trying the mango hack,” Aussie TikTokker @jairatagle said before slicing around the belly of the mango.

She then twists the top and bottom sections.

“Oh my God, it worked!” she remarked in the vid, which has now been eyeballed thousands of times.

She then grabs a spoon to eat the mango with a spoon, kinda like you would a passionfruit.

@jairatagleI love tiktok. Never slicing mangoes the other way again 🥭😂 ##mango ##hack ##foodhacks ##fyp ##foryoupage ##tiktoktaughtme♬ original sound – Jaira Tagle

Not gonna lie though, I’d still give that mango seed a good cleaning off.

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