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A stockman is lying in long grass on a cattle station in Mount Isa after crashing his quad bike.

He’s injured his legs so badly that he can’t move an inch, and the grass is so long that he can’t be seen.

In a remote farm, in the suffocating Australian heat, the now-lame ringer wouldn’t normally stand a chance.

Thankfully though, he makes a call from his radio connecting him to the Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS).

Scenarios like these are exactly why the RFDS is needed in Queensland and across Australia.

The RFDS is a mantle of hope for communities and it is the incredible Flight Nurses who are saving lives in the sky as well as on the ground.

And now another iconic Queensland stalwart has partnered with the RFDS (Queensland Section) to ensure they can continue providing support where it is needed most.


QSuper is investing in the Flight Nurses in their ongoing professional development and training.

With a combined history of almost 200 years, QSuper and the Flying Doctor are working together to maintain the health of their communities with fewer words and more action.

Together with the RFDS, QSuper is proud to help Queenslanders improve their wellbeing, not just for now but the long haul.

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