Ever wondered what happens to your old tyres when you buy new ones? Probably not, right? They don’t magically disappear, they generally get dumped on huge piles, to the tune of over 50 million tyres a year! These huge piles of tyres are not only really ugly, but they’re also terrible for the environment.

But thankfully, there is a new hope for cleaning it all up… It’s you!

Tyre Stewardship Australia helps tyre retailers send their old tyres off to be turned into loads of cool stuff, like roads, pavements, playgrounds, and sports fields.

So, if you don’t want your old tyres being thrown on top of the pile, all you have to do is look up your local accredited Tyre Stewardship Australia retailer.

When they fit your car with new tyres, they will make sure your old ones are put to good use, and 25 cents from each purchase goes towards research into new uses for your old tyres.

You can find tyre brands that fund sustainable initiatives at MyTyresMyChoice.com.au.