If social media has revealed one thing this Easter, chocolate eggs aren’t the only thing kids are tipped to get from the Easter Bunny.

Facebook posts on various pages like Kmart Mums Australia!!! asking members for ‘Easter present inspo’ for kids is met with two resounding responses – pyjamas or ‘you get your kids presents at Easter?’

“Love the idea of Easter gifts rather than just mass amounts of chocolates,” was one comment.

“Whatever happened to just Easter eggs?” was another.

The main argument being ‘kids don’t need tons of chocolate’, some parents further specifying that their child either doesn’t like or can’t eat chocolate.

Or that their child gets plenty of chocolate from other family members, so instead they receive PJs.

OK, fair call.


PJs aside, Easter presents also include mugs, slippers and other things that are more suitable for winter rather than the summer-themed gifts of Christmas.

Other non-chocolate presents include DVDs, LEGO and… teepees.

Some lucky teachers are also tipped to get gifts for Easter, one parent putting together an ‘Easter Survival Kit’, complete with mini eggs and stationery.



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