If you were nervous about your phone listening in on your conversations, you’ve got another thing coming!

According to research from the University of Maryland, it’s possible to hack into robotic vacuums and record conversations. Yikes!

Findings showed any device that used light detection and ranging technology (LiDAR) could be manipulated to collect sounds of people speaking and the popular household tools would essentially become microphones.

“We welcome these devices into our homes, and we don’t think anything about it,” Nirupam Roy of University of Maryland Institute for Advanced Computer Studies.

“But we have shown that been though these devices don’t have microphones, we can repurpose the systems they use for navigation to spy on conversations and potentially reveal private information.”

Concerns about robotic vacuums have been expressed before as the maps they create using LiDAR technology to avoid collisions in the house are often stored in a ‘cloud’.

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