Dancer, Mother & Encourager, Miss Tahnee has created a place where if you imagine it… and believe it… you can be it.

Tahnee runs Tahnee and the Treehouse dance school – a unique and extraordinary way of teaching dance.

The Treehouse was created to provide a nurturing, happy place where children could learn about dance, movement and music. The ultimate outcome for every child, with this new way of teaching, is the power of belief in themselves and their own creative imaginations.

Just weeks ago and as the world began to shut down due to Coronavirus, the Gold Coast Dance Teacher was delivered some devastating health news.

Despite it all, Tahnee remained positive and put her dance classes first, moving to an online format in between hospital visits.

Thanee has uploaded some free classes on YouTube to help wiht the self-isolation blues. Check them out here!

She is still teaching and taking hold of life one pirouette at a time. Listen to the inspiring full interview with Tahnee below:


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