Fortitude Valley is the newest home to Melbourne-established Chippery & Burger joint.

Lord of the Fries is the most delicious plant-based fast food chain around! Not only do they boast the best fries you will ever try, but they also offer glorious burgers, hot dogs and munch boxes that Australia finds itself craving daily!

The new store is perched nicely on Brunswick Street in Fortitude Valley – the second opening in Queensland after its Surfer’s Paradise store opening 2 years ago.

Based on their love of the mighty french fry, food made with love, not animals and a passion for the environment, the Lord’s offering is all-inclusive with a 100% vegan menu!

The idea behind Lord of the Fries began over late night snack excursions in 2004. Owners Mandy and Mark met while living in Taiwan and as their love for fries drew them closer, their disdain for nasty frozen chemical fries inspired them to create the perfect fry.


Finally landing in Melbourne in August of 2004, they decided to take the best fries you will ever try, to the people! What better way than a mobile chip van…

Cut to a year later in 2005 when Lord of the Fries opened their first permanent store in the heart of Melbourne.

Lord of the Fries are on a mission to help the world eat better and to introduce friends, local and abroad, to more sustainable food options.

Lord of the Fries now open at 3/352 Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley.

Here's one of our favourite moments from Robin Terry & Kip!