We’re always looking for ways to speed up the process in the kitchen, but we never thought that this would be a solution…

A social media user on TikTok has revealed she puts her fruit and vegetables in the dishwasher to skip washing them herself. WHAAATTT???

In the viral video, @smilelop explains that she neatly places her fresh produce in the trays before swapping out dishwashing tablets for distilled white vinegar. Clever.

After a quick cycle, the food comes out nice and clean!


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The hack has been viewed more than one million times and people have praised the suggestion.


“Wow! Thanks for the tip! This was so much easier than hand washing!!!” one user said.

However, not everyone was convinced.

“Haha noooo! They would get bruised from jets,” a viewer pointed out.

“Idk seems like a lot of bacteria,” another said.

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