It is really easy these days to collect heaps of reusable shopping bags and it might be getting to a stage where you are thinking it is a bit of an overload.

If that’s the case, this little known fact will have you reassessing how handy they are – and it’s been staring at you this whole time!

A Woolworths shopper took to the popular Markdown Addicts Australia page to point out a small message that she noticed on her reusable tote that can be purchased for less than a dollar in stores.

The message printed on the side of the bag reads, “use this bag again and again. If it gets damaged, we’ll replace it for free.”

“Please tell me I’m not the only person who didn’t know this/ realise it’s even on the bag?” the woman wrote in the Facebook group.

After seeing the image, we had to check our bags as well – and yep, the message is there, front and centre. How did we miss it!


It turns out that once purchased for 99c, these reusable bags can be traded in if they become damaged free of charge.

We imagine there might be a lot of shoppers inspecting their bags after seeing that post!

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