Lice is one of the worst things parents have to deal with as their kids grow up. Seriously, those little bugs are the stuff of nightmares.

If things get seriously out of hand, there are professionals out there that can get on the case with special equipment to get rid of the eggs for good.

One Sydney woman has taken to social media to share the secrets to this unique job and reveal a strange perk that people have become obsessed with – the sound of lice ‘popping’. TikTok user Rach (@trashywashyy) has racked up over 20million views on one video of her using her nail to put lice to rest. It’s weird, a bit gross… and people can’t get enough.


Reply to @_sneb this is the only way y’all are getting me to pop them with my nails #licetok

♬ original sound – Rach – Rach

Monty and Yumi from the 3PM Pick Up are two of the people who have found the video and are a little in awe of the sound. Why is this so satisfying??

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