Earlier in the week, Robin, Terry & Bob discussed whether or not we should adopt an ‘Emotional’ or ‘Practical’ approach to life’s dilemma’s.

You were quick to share your opinions and tell us what you thought.

Listener Katie from Collingwood Park rang Robin, Terry and Bob after her nephew’s compassionate border pass was revoked.

In some very sad news, her sister is dying of terminal cancer in hospital and Katie had flown her said nephew up from Melbourne, Victoria to spend some time with his dying Mum.

Mid flight, his Border Pass Status was changed from ‘Compassionate’ to ‘Isolation’, meaning he would not be allowed to see his Mum.

Robin, Terry and Bob put a call out to the QLD Health Minister Steven Miles and Channel Nine News for some help and this is what happened…


Truly amazing stuff.

Listen to Katie’s emotional journey below:

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