Astronomy nerds get excited because this might be the best view of the moon you’ll ever get!

Qantas has announced that it will be offering a special moon-viewing flight later this month to give people the best possible look.

The flight will take to the air to coincide with the year’s last super moon and lunar eclipse.

The three-hour scenic flight will leave from Sydney on May 26, climbing to 40,000 feet to give passengers uninterrupted views of the super moon from the Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

The flight will be the first of its kind for the airline since 2003 when passengers were offered the chance to take a 14-hour round-trip to view a total solar eclipse.

About 130 tickets for the flight will be available, with fares set to cost $499 for economy, $899 for premium economy or $1499 for business class.

Passengers on-board will be treated to a special moon-themed menu with lunar cocktails and moon cakes.


And while we will admit that it’s not cheap…at all…it would be a very, very cool experience.

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