Some south-east Queensland residents have been told to prepare to leave their homes as a major bushfire continues to burn in the Lockyer Valley.

The Queensland Fire and Emergency Services says conditions around the fire near Lefthand Branch could get worse through Tuesday.

On Monday evening the fire was burning in an easterly direction amid warnings it could threaten properties along Cole Gully Road.

Residents have been told to get ready to activate their bushfire survival plans.

“If you do not have a plan, or intend to leave, you should be ready to leave the area because the situation could get worse quickly,” QFES said.

QFES Neil Gallant said firefighters are ready for the challenge posed by unseasonably high temperatures during Spring.

“We are keen to hit any fire that starts very hard, very early,” he said on Monday.


“The vegetation is very, very dry, so any fire that starts is going to run very hard. Any fire that starts is going to cause a lot of problems.”

Meteorologist Kimba Wong said warm, windy and dry conditions in the state’s southeast and central areas will continue on Tuesday and could remain until Wednesday.

Temperatures in some parts of the state were up to 12C above average for October on Monday.


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