We have some ambiguous road rules and traffic laws here in QLD and dozens have been fined for such obscure offences.

Here are 9 weird & wacky rules that have led to thousands of dollars in fines:

1. Love a good toot-toot when leaving a dinner party at a friend’s house? Think twice before being that person who toots their horn, wakes up your friends’ neighbours (who didn’t stay up drinking wine and paying board games all night… boring), because it is illegal to use a horn “other than as permitted”!

2. Hitchhiking is super illegal in Queensland and let’s be real, we don’t want another Wolf Creek sequel…

3. You can be fined for increasing your speed while being overtaken… we’ve all had those mornings where our inner dialogue is screaming, “not today Satan!” but take caution because your thirst to win and not let those annoying last-minute indicators in, could cost you!

4. You cannot set off fireworks or make a bonfire on any open road. Basically, this rule takes all of the fun out of a “road trip”, clearly. Six people have said to be fined for this offence in the past five years!

5. You’re walking (ew) and about to cross the road… When you see that green man light come on, run Forrest, run! You can be fined for lingering on or crossing a crossing longer than necessary!


6. Do not drink and drive ride your bicycle. 61 people in Queensland have been fined for “drink cycling” so next time you plan on having a boozy brunch with your cycle club pals, remember you have been warned.

7. One of my favourite things to do in life, is to watch other motorists who have unintentionally left their indicators on… boy do I get a kick out it… slowing down behind them to wait and see how long it takes until they realize! If you’re an absent-minded-indicator-leaver-onera, just pray there are no po-po nearby because you can be fined for leaving your indicator flashing when not being used!

8. DO NOT whip your partner into shape while driving – two people were hit by fines for cracking whips in the car… I mean, yup, welcome to Queensland.

9. I never wagged school or faked a sickie at work (basically I am not cool and haven’t lived) but I now know, that I was the COOLEST kid, living on the edge from a very young age #slimcrim. Did you know that playing cricket in your cul-de-sac is illegal! 17 people have been fined for playing games on a road. I wonder if this rule applied in the 90’s, because we played games in our cul-de-sac pretty much every day!

What do you think of these traffic laws & road rules? Have you been a rule-breaker without knowing?

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