Australia Post is set to go an a massive recruitment drive, with more than 4,000 jobs up for grabs across the country.

New jobs are being created off the back of increased deliveries during lockdown and ahead of what the organisation is expecting to be its busiest Christmas on record.

Of the thousands of new jobs, over 1,500 will be based in Victoria, the Herald Sun reports.

Competition for the jobs, however, is set to be fierce. Earlier this year Australia Post received over 50,000 applications to fill around 1,000 roles in the organisation.

Australia Post’s executive general manager of people & culture told the Herald Sun that demand on postal workers had been massive through the pandemic.

“A lot has been expected of our people this year and I’m so proud of the way our team has adapted and dealt with the challenges they’ve faced to keep delivering for Australia across our entire network.”

Jobs are being advertised throughout every Australia state and territory:


Victoria – 1,552
Queensland – 1,071
New South Wales – 885
Western Australia – 288
South Australia – 221
ACT – 65
Tasmania – 31
Northern Territory – 18

You will be able to see the full list of jobs and apply at Australia Post’s website.

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