I am yet to meet a person that wasn’t into Pokémon in their childhood…

As a kid, my brother and I had the VCR movies, the figurines and of course an album of Pokémon cards with protective casing (thanks Mum).

Apparently one specific Pokémon card is looking to be sold for over $100, 000 USD online. 

And it is…


The 1999 Super Secret Battle No. 1 Trainer Card

Photo Credit: Heritage Auctions


Apparently only 7 of these exist in the WHOLE WORLD. 

The current bid is sitting at $15, 500 USD but with 14 days to go and a tonne of weird rich people on the internet it’s expected to jump SIGNIFICANTLY.

Whilst you probably don’t have this specific card in your collection you should definitely hit up your Mum to see if she kept any, because they could go for a pretty penny. 

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