Aydan Jane posted, what she thought was, an innocent TikTok a couple weeks ago about her personal hygiene. Sharing that she looks and feels great after not showering in 10 days.

Now the video is blowing up because people are, quite understandably, concerned for the potential stank. The video in question:

@aydan_jane♬ i was all over her – salvia palth


Aydan has defended her unorthodox showering (or lack thereof) saying it’s better for the planet, “I would argue it’s better for the environment if we shower less because water’s a precious resource.”

Speaking to The New York Post dermatologist Dr. Julie Russak said not showering for a day or two is harmless but longer periods could potentially be dangerous. “You also have to still think about all the bacteria and [toxins] that accumulate on the skin,” Russak said. “When the body sweats … it’s all a natural way of removing toxins. Still, you don’t want to leave that sitting on top of your skin too long, encouraging pimples, folliculitis and other skin infections.”


*Adds GS Boys ‘Stanky Leg’ to Spotify queue*

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