A Sydney man has built a 5.65 metre wall in his backyard, blocking views and even the sun from neighbours, purely because he was bored.

“It was a COVID brain explosion,” he told A Current Affair.

“Well, when you’re sitting at home and you’re not allowed to go nowhere and the neighbours are looking at you, you say ‘you know what? I’m going to build a bloody wall.'”

Appropriately titled ‘The Great Wall of Chester Hill’, the 5.65-metre-high fence is three times the height of the average suburban fence.

While the decorative panels look decent on his side, the other side facing the neighbours is quite the opposite with nails and wires exposed.

“Yeah well I was going to do a nice feature on the other side as well… but when you have d***head neighbours, then that’s what happens,” he told the program.


Cumberland Council has received multiple complaints and has issued notice for the structure to be pulled down within the next two weeks.

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