An English teacher in China found himself in more trouble than he could’ve imagined after deciding to fake a diagnosis for tuberculosis so he could take sick leave and a longer holiday.

In what proved to be a wonderful lesson in how NOT to fake a sickie, 23-year-old Mr Du provided his school with a fake chest scan as part of his sick leave application to ‘prove’ he had contracted tuberculosis (TB).

The problem was, TB is contagious until the sufferer has taken medication for weeks so when news came out of his diagnosis, the school had to pay for all of his 18 students (aged around five) to get tested.

This is where the elaborate scam all went wrong because two of his pupils actually came back POSITIVE for the disease.

This meant Mr Du was needed back in for further testing.

But rather than come clean about his faux diagnosis, he decided to double down and fake a second document that said he was now clear of the illness.

That didn’t work.


Parents were not convinced he could now be clear of the disease as tuberculosis typically requires months of daily antibiotics to clear it up. Therefore, the teacher was pressured into taking a third test at a local hospital.

Unsurprisingly, this test proved that not only had Mr Du been clear of TB all along, but that the previous scans he provided belonged to another person entirely.

The two sick students had therefore contracted the disease from another source.

Mr Du then apologised to the parents and revealed he did it because he wanted to take an extended holiday to take advantage of China’s National Day break.

He also admitted he did not realise how serious TB was when he chose to use it as his excuse.

The school has not confirmed whether he will keep his job.


Source: Unilad

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