Ever heard of the ‘100-year rule’?

It says that some vintage names come back into fashion as names of people in living memory are snubbed by younger generations.

A study by Essential Baby has compared popular names in the 1920’s and 2020’s and identified which ones have stood the test time!

For boys, Jack, James, William, Thomas and Henry were in the top ten in both decades.

But royal names like George, Edward and Charles have gone out of fashion.

Donald has also dropped – ranking tenth in 1920 but not even managing to get into the top 100 in 2020 (most likely due to its association with Donald Trump).

For girls, Alice and Evelyn are back in style – while Betty, Frances and Virginia dropped out of the top 100.


The top three names in the 1920’s were Mary, Dorothy and Helen, all which dropped out of the top 10.