We are all aware of food, booze and caffeine addiction, but what about the addiction to online information?

Cause we are living in a digital world and I am a… digital… girl? Did you know one in every 3 people are addicted to their phones?

There’s a new addiction in town and it has overtaken alcohol and smoking as the strongest addiction we now have to deal with.

Research into the way our brain values information has been found to show addictive traits when it comes to how digital addiction works in the brain.

Studies have shown that we are addicted to clicking on the headlines of articles and searching for our own “tags” in someone else’s social media post. Is this also some mind trickery – some underlaying need for self-validation too?

Alex Tselios, social commentator from The Big Smoke talks what it means for the future of phone-addicted Australians. “We talk about addictions in our brain and the responses from different parts of our brain regions that are activated when we get access to what we’re addicted to.”


She continues, “whether your addiction is caffeine, chocolate or whatever your vice may be, the same thing is actually happening [in your brain] when we seek out information – reading an article, getting a social notification…”

“The thing to remember is that there is good and bad when it comes to phone or information addiction. It really is not about removing it [the addiction] entirely, that’s unrealistic. It is about limiting yourself.”

Perhaps Australian’s need to enforce some household rules like no phones in the bedroom and have technology free zones/times throughout the day.

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